Brow Henna

Brow henna is an alternative to brow tint, where the skin underneath the brows is stained, as well as the brows. This works to create depth and fullness in the area and visual fills-in any sparseness. Henna is a vegan, natural dye mixed with demineralised water. No peroxide activators are used, making it suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. (NOTE: A patch test can be performed on request before the treatment).

How does it work?

A custom blend paste is made by mixing henna with demineralised water, which is applied throughout the brows and let to dry for 10 minutes. This process is then repeated to build upon the colour. Once the henna is dry, the residue is gently removed with a damp cotton. A henna conditioner or oil is then applied.

The whole henna process may take up to 45 mins (including shaping – if necessary).

How long does it last?

Effects from henna differ from person to person. This depends on the individuals hair/ skin type and their routine (i.e. makeup/ skin care routine). For example, A person with oily skin and thinner brows may not see long-lasting results. This is because, although henna is directly applied to the skin, it only colours the outer layer of the skin.

In general, henna lasts anywhere from 7-10 days on the skin and 4-5 weeks on the brows.*
To maintain the colour, touch-ups are recommended in 4 to 5 weeks.*

*This differs from person to person.

After care

  1. Do not wet them straight after the treatment. Keep them dry up to 24 hours.
  2. Avoid oil/ oil-based makeup/makeup remover.
  3. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing your brows while washing face.

Before care

  1. No oil or makeup on your brows.
  2. Gentle scrub before applying tint to get rid of any oil or dead skin. This will help tint to work better and gives an even blend of color throughout your brows.

I’ve recently starting seeing Ras & I am obsessed with the results I get. The shape is perfect & the colour perfectly compliments my skin tone. The whole vibe of the salon is relaxing and it really allows you to just stop & take some time out. I used to travel an hour each way to get my brows done, but SO glad I’ve found this amazing local gem. 10/10 recommend Sami’s Brow & Lashes.

Shantelle de’Ornelas

14 October 2020

I have never let anyone touch my eyebrows! because I always had a fear of them stuffing my eyebrows up. but I am so happy that I went to Sami to get them done she did an amazing job.
Definitely will be a regular customer from now on.

Tegan Crabb Huf

9 March 2016