Brow Lamination

Introducing a novel approach to achieving voluminous, full, and softly textured brows that strike the balance between definition and a natural appearance. Brow lamination brings forth a lasting brushed-up brow style, imparting symmetry and precision as each brow hair is aligned in a uniform direction.

How does it works?

Brow lamination is a two-step process. 

First, on a clean brow, a keratin formula is applied, to soften and break down the bonds in each tiny hair. This allows for restructuring the hair and manipulating them into a groomed shape.

Second, neutraliser formula is applied, to reform the bonds into their perky new shape. This is then usually followed by a tint and/or shaping, if necessary.

At the end, the brows are treated with oil for nourishment, which helps replenish any moisture lost during the chemical application. 

Right after the treatment, the brows will look very smooth, sleek, and shiny. Brow lamination is ideal for someone whose brows grow in irregular directions or have gaps between hairs. It provides a sharp, groomed, brushed up look. 

How long it lasts?

In general, the treatment lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks*. Aftercare is necessary for better and long-lasting results.

Touch up recommended in 7/8 weeks*.

*This differs from person to person.


After care

  1. Keep the brows completely dry for 24 hours right after the treatment (avoid washing face, steamy shower, saunas, or intense exercise)
  2. After the first 24 hours, whenever the brows are wet, follow a rule; SET WHEN ITS WET. Just brush them in upward direction or in a desired shape you prefer.
  3. Condition them with castor oil after 2/3 weeks of treatment. Apply castor oil in the direction of hair growth and gently brush them. It is recommended to apply castor oil few hours before you go to bed so that the brows absorb oil.
  4. Always use oil-based makeup remover to remove makeup from brows to minimise excessive rubbing (that may lead to potential hair loss on brows).

I’ve recently starting seeing Ras & I am obsessed with the results I get. The shape is perfect & the colour perfectly compliments my skin tone. The whole vibe of the salon is relaxing and it really allows you to just stop & take some time out. I used to travel an hour each way to get my brows done, but SO glad I’ve found this amazing local gem. 10/10 recommend Sami’s Brow & Lashes.

Shantelle de’Ornelas

14 October 2020

I have never let anyone touch my eyebrows! because I always had a fear of them stuffing my eyebrows up. but I am so happy that I went to Sami to get them done she did an amazing job.
Definitely will be a regular customer from now on.

Tegan Crabb Huf

9 March 2016