Brow Threading/Facial Threading

Brow threading is the process of shaping the eyebrows using a piece of string. It works exactly like eyebrow plucking, as it pulls out the individual hairs from the root. Threading allows for sharp, clean brow lines as even the tiniest of hairs can be pulled out. Threading is also a great alternative for sensitive skin, as it does not require the use of chemicals or products. It is effective for both dark and light hair.

Facial Threading

Facial threading involves the same process as eyebrow threading, whereby unwanted hair is removed using a piece of cotton string. Facial threading can be used to removed unwanted facial hair/ ‘fluff’.

How long will it last?

The effects of brow threading differ from person to person. This depends on how quickly the eyebrow hairs grow. If you pay close attention, even our own two eyebrows grow at a different rate. One side of the brows always grows more quickly than the other side.

In general, threading may last up to 3-4 weeks.*
To maintain the shape, touch-ups are recommended in 3 to 4 weeks.*

*This differs from person to person.

Does it create skin breakouts?

Yes and No. Both.

No, because threading is a natural method of removing any unwanted hair using just a cotton string. 

Yes, because once the hairs have been pulled out from the root, the pores of the skin are open. For people with sensitive skin, this may result in a breakout, as the skin can be exposed to bacteria (through touch etc.) Breakouts can be minimised by applying a cold pack. The cold pack will help close the pores by soothing and settling the skin. This has been effective for most of our clients with sensitive skin.

I’ve recently starting seeing Ras & I am obsessed with the results I get. The shape is perfect & the colour perfectly compliments my skin tone. The whole vibe of the salon is relaxing and it really allows you to just stop & take some time out. I used to travel an hour each way to get my brows done, but SO glad I’ve found this amazing local gem. 10/10 recommend Sami’s Brow & Lashes.

Shantelle de’Ornelas

14 October 2020

I have never let anyone touch my eyebrows! because I always had a fear of them stuffing my eyebrows up. but I am so happy that I went to Sami to get them done she did an amazing job.
Definitely will be a regular customer from now on.

Tegan Crabb Huf

9 March 2016