Eyelash Lift

Lash lifts offer an immediate enhancement for your natural lashes. Imagine a lash lift as a perm for your eyelashes. Unlike lash extensions, a lash lift doesn't add anything new – it gently changes the shape and shade of your existing lashes. This process curls your lashes, giving your face an instant lift. Additionally, the lashes are tinted to enhance their definition and color. (Note: If you have sensitive eyes and skin, a patch test can be performed upon request.)

How does it work?

The size of the silicon rod used depends on the length of your natural lashes. It’s carefully attached to your eyelid using water-based glue. The eyelashes are then gently adhered to the silicon rod.

After that, the perming solution is delicately applied to the lash base, ensuring it doesn’t touch the roots. This solution breaks down the lash hair’s bonds, allowing them to be shaped and set. Following this, a setting solution is used to restore firmness to the lashes. Finally, a nourishing lotion is applied to rehydrate the lashes. If desired, the lashes can also be tinted. 

How long does it last?

Effects from lash lifts differ from person to person. This depends on the individuals hair/ skin type, their routine (i.e. makeup/ skin care routine) and the quality of then natural lashes.

In general, last lifts last anywhere from 6-8 weeks.*

To maintain the colour, touch-ups are recommended at 8 weeks.*

*This differs from person to person

After care

  1. Do not wet lashes for 24 hours after the treatment (avoid washing face, steamy shower, sauna, intense exercise)
  2. Brush the lashes after you wet them.
  3. Use aftercare lash serum daily to nourish to keep your lashes healthy and hydrated.
  4. Water-based mascara can be applied over the top of lash lift serum if preferred but avoid waterproof mascara.

I’ve recently starting seeing Ras & I am obsessed with the results I get. The shape is perfect & the colour perfectly compliments my skin tone. The whole vibe of the salon is relaxing and it really allows you to just stop & take some time out. I used to travel an hour each way to get my brows done, but SO glad I’ve found this amazing local gem. 10/10 recommend Sami’s Brow & Lashes.

Shantelle de’Ornelas

14 October 2020

I have never let anyone touch my eyebrows! because I always had a fear of them stuffing my eyebrows up. but I am so happy that I went to Sami to get them done she did an amazing job.
Definitely will be a regular customer from now on.

Tegan Crabb Huf

9 March 2016